Which three options are available for ESXi Certificate Replacement?

VMware Certificate Authority mode
Custom CertificateAuthority mode
Thumbprint mode
Hybrid Deployment
VMware Certificate Endpoint Authority Mode

Answer: A,B,C

You can perform different types of certificate replacement depending on company policy and
requirements for the system thatyou are configuring. You can perform each replacement with the
vSphere Certificate Manager utility or manually by using the CLIs included with your installation.
VMCA is included in each Platform Services Controller and in each embedded deployment. VMCA
provisions each node, each vCenter Server solution user, and each ESXi host with a certificate
that is signed by VMCA as the certificate authority. vCenter Server solution users are groups of
vCenter Server services. See vSphere Security for a list of solution users.
You can replace the default certificates. For vCenter Server components, you can use a set of
command-line tools included in your installation. You have several options.

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