Which two statements are true regarding iSCSI adapters? (Choose two.)

A.Software iSCSI adapters require vmkernel networking.
B.Independent Hardware iSCSI adapters offload processingfrom the ESXi host.
C.Dependent Hardware iSCSI adapters do not require vmkernel networking.
D.Independent Hardware iSCSI adapters require vmkernel networking.


Answer: A,B

An independent hardware iSCSI adapter is a specialized third-partyadapter capable of accessing
iSCSI storage over TCP/IP. This iSCSI adapter handles all iSCSI and network processing and
management for your ESXi system.
Software and dependent hardware iSCSI adapters depend on VMkernel networking. If you use the
softwareor dependent hardware iSCSI adapters, you must configure connections for the traffic
between the iSCSI component and the physical network adapters.

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