Which two statements are true regarding VMFS3 volumes in ESXi 6.x? (Choose two.)

A.Creation of VMFS3 volumes isunsupported.
B.Upgrading VMFS3 volumes to VMFS5 is supported.

C.Existing VMFS3 volumes are unsupported.
D.Upgrading VMFS3 volumes to VMFS5 is unsupported.

Answer: A,B


While a VMFS-3, which is upgraded to VMFS-5, provides you with most ofthe capabilities as a
newly created VMFS-5, there are some differences. Both upgraded and newly created VMFS-5
support single-extent volumes up to 64TB and both support VMDK sizes of ~2TB, no matter what
the VMFS file-block size is. However additional differences, although minor, should be considered
when making a decision whether to upgrade to VMFS-5 or create new VMFS-5 volumes.

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