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An administrator is changing the settings on a vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS). During this process, the ESXi Management IP address is set to an address which can no longer communicate with the vCenter Server. What is the most likely outcome of this action?

A.The host will disconnect and migrate the vDS portgroup to a standard switch. B.The host will automatically detect the communication issue and revert the change. C.The host will stay connected with the change, but show an alert. D.The host willdisconnect from the vCenter Server and remain disconnected.   Answer: B

An administrator wants to configure an ESXi 6.x host to use Active Directory (AD) to manage users and groups. The AD domain group ESX Admins was previously created. Which two conditions should be considered when planning this configuration? (Choose two.)

A.The users in ESX Admins are not restricted by Lockdown Mode. B.If administrative access for ESX Admins is not desired, an alternate AD group must be used. C.The users in ESX Admins are granted administrative privileges in vCenter Server. D.An ESXi host provisioned with Auto Deploy cannot store AD credentials.   Answer: B,D

An administrator wants to prevent a priority virtual machine that resides in a vSphere DRS cluster from migrating to other hosts in the cluster. What configuration step will accomplish this without affecting other virtual machines?

A.Configure a Virtual Machines to Hosts rule with the setting Must run on hosts in group. B.Set VM Overrides to Partially Automated for this virtual machine. C.Set VM Overrides to Manual for this virtual machine. D.Configure a Virtual Machines to Hosts rule with the setting Should run on hosts in group.     Answer: C

When operating with Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and Distributed Power Management (DPM), what two statements explain the impact of disabling vSphere High Availability admission control? (Choose two.)

A.VMware DPM does not place hosts in standby mode if doing so would violate failover requirements. B.DRS does not evacuate virtual machines from a host for the purpose of placing it in maintenance or standby modes if placing the host in this state would violate failover requirements. C.DRS will evacuate virtual machines from hosts and …

An administrator has decided to create 10 ESXi 6.x hosts via Auto Deploy for a new Test/Dev cluster. The hosts are configured to obtain their networking configuration via DHCP. Which condition would explain why none of the hosts are able to receive a valid DHCP address?

A.The BIOS DHCP File Name was incorrectly entered on the DHCP server. B.The DHCP scope was set too small. C.The DHCP lease duration is set too short. D.The Boot Server Host Name has been set to the TFTP server.     Answer: A

Which two statements are true regarding upgrading from a Distributed vCenter Server 5.x to vCenter Server 6.x? (Choose two.)

A.vCenter Single Sign-on becomes part of the Platform Services Controller. B.vCenter Inventory Service becomes part of the Platform Services Controller. C.The vCenter Server service is not migrated during theupgrade process. D.The vSphere License Service is migrated to the new vCenter Server 6.x instance.     Answer: A,C