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A vCenter Operations Manager 5.7 environment is upgraded to vRealize Operations. After the upgrade, the analytics services fail to start. Which three steps must be taken to resolve the problem? (Choose three.)

A.Take the vRealize Operations cluster offline. B.Delete the activity persistence files. C.Bring the cluster back online. D.Remove any unresponsive nodes. E.Stop the CaSA service. Answer: A,B,C Explanation: If the analytics failed to start, take the vRealize operations cluster offline, delete activity persistence files andbring the cluster back online to start the failed services. Reference:

An organization has configured Distributed Power Management (DPM) on a vSphere 6 cluster. The organization wants to be alerted when an ESXi host has been powered down by DPM. Which two options represent the type and name of the alarm that would accomplish this? (Choose two.)

A .DrsEntering StandbyModeEvent B. DrsEntered StandbyMode Event C.Event-based D.Condition-based Answer: B,C Explanation: DrsEnteringStandbyModeEvent and Event-based alarms will accomplish the task. Reference: index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.vsphere.resourcemanagement.doc_40/using_drs_clusters_t o_manage_resources/c_monitoring_vmware_dpm.html

An organization has an ESXi 6.x host that contains two resource pools. The host is being relocated to a DRS cluster. What two actions can be taken to integrate the host into the cluster, and what would happen to the existing ESXi resource pool hierarchy as a result? (Choose two.) A. Place all of the host’s virtual machines into the DRS cluster root

A.Place all of the host’s virtual machines into the DRS cluster root resource pool. The resource pools present on the host will be deleted. B.Create a resource pool for the ESXi host’s virtual machinesand resource pools. The resource pools present on the host will be deleted. C.Place all of the host’s virtual machines into the …

A network administrator wants reduce the network clutter in his infrastructure and decides to use virtual switches. How can virtual switches help reduce network clutter?

A. By troubleshooting and resolving all the network issues. B. By reducing the number of physical machines. C. By reducing the number of physical network cables plugged into hosts. D. By reducing the virtual network traffic. Answer: C Explanation: vSphere supports two main categories of virtual switches. It supports the standard switch and the distributed …

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