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Virtual Volumes virtualize-Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage devices into logical pools of capacity. What are these pools of capacity known as?

A. Virtual SAN Datastores B. NFS C. VMFS Datastores D. iSCSI Answer: A Explanation: Virtual Volumes virtualizes SAN and NAS devices by abstracting physical hardware resources into logical pools of capacity. These pools of capacity are known as Virtual Datastores. The Virtual Datastore defines capacity boundaries, access logic, and exposes a set of data services …

Which feature of vSphere 6.x enables organizations to move virtual machines across data centers?

A. Long Distance vMotion B. Content Library C. Auto Deploy D. Replication Answer: A Explanation: Sphere vMotion capabilities have been enhanced in this release, enabling users to perform live migration of virtual machines across virtual switches, vCenter Server systems, and long distances Reference: PLTFRM.pdf

Which statement best defines the virtual machine hot-add feature?-

A. Administrators can transfer the virtual machines from one physical server to another while the virtual machine is running B. Administrators can copy-and-paste virtual machines instead of creating them from scratch. C. Administrators can add and install applications without restarting it. D. Administrators can increase the capabilities of a virtual machine without powering it off. …