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Which statement about standard switches is true?

A. Performs Port Mirroring simultaneously for virtual machines in all port groups B. Performs Port Mirroring for virtual machines in the same port group. C. Bridges traffic between virtual machines in other port groups. D. Bridges traffic internally between virtual machines in the same port group. Answer: D Explanation: A standard switch can bridge traffic …

After configuring Fault Tolerance for critical servers, an administrate notices that protected virtual machines run slower than usual. What is the reason for performance reduction of these virtual machines?

A. Hosts have lower bandwidth for Fault Tolerance logging. B. Virtual machines are usually slow after Fault Tolerance logging. C. The storage space on the host is low. D. Virtual machines are running memory intensive applications. Answer: A

A company has recently reported a financial loss and has identified that a major part of their expenses is the maintaining and managing of their virtualized network in the data center. The company needs a solution that would help cut down on their operating expenditures. What should the company do to solve this issue?

A. Virtualize the physical servers. B. Implement a management platform for IT services on vSphere and other hypervisors. C. Remove all physical servers which are not in use. D. Increase the number of physical servers. Answer: B